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Instructions for Downloading & Using Offline Apps

(using Apple or Android devices)

  1. Install the Explorer for ArcGIS app on your device.

2. Download the appropriate offline app located here to your computer.

3. Sideload the onto the device where you use Explorer for ArcGIS.

For Apple devices

Download iExplorer here and install on your computer.

Open the software and click "Continue in Demo Mode.

Navigate to the "Apps" folder of your device, right-click the "Explorer" app folder, select "Add Files to 'Explorer'...", navigate to the previously downloaded app (MMPK File) and click "Open".

For Android devices

Use your computer's file explorer, go to your device, and copy the .mmpk file into the ArcGIS/mmpks folder.

4. Open the Explorer for ArcGIS on your mobile device.

5. Your app should be listed at the top of list under "On Device" on the app to open it.

6. Follow the instructions at the appropriate link below to learn how to use the app.

Here for iPad

Here for iPhone

Here for Android Tablet

Here for Android Phone