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MRMapper is currently in BETA version 3.1.  We are currently running ArcGIS Server 10.1 and Adobe Flex 3.1.  All internet communications/ connections with MRMapper are secured and encrypted by GeoTrust Inc.


In addition, Mobile Apps for GIS are now available.  Applications are focused on improving efficiency in data collection and field work.  Click here for more information.


During the BETA phase::

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MRMapper is a web mapping (or web GIS (Geographic Information Systems)) tool designed to aid in the decision making process-as most services that a municipality provides are concerned, at least in part, with geographic location.  Think of GIS data as an important part of a communities’ information infrastructure, capable of supporting decision-making and management.  Web mapping can provide a better, faster, easier way for municipal employees to see the map information they need, to find answers to questions, and to carry out analyses based on spatial relationships.  Many communities are currently facing an increase in workloads combined with a decrease of personnel.  The potential for web mapping is great as the challenge of delivering services and planning for a community’s future become more complex. 

MRMapper can allow users to access, view, query, edit, export and share data related to the Montachusett Region and your community or area of interest.  This will allow users to print maps as well as standardize and streamline processing techniques and workflow scenarios in order to focus on specific tasks to efficiently solve recurring problems, evaluate common issues, update information and produce reports.

For example- you can view parcel data overlayed on zoning data.  You can query that data to find all of the parcels that are within the Commercial Zoning District and export/print a map that depicts this information.  Another example is accessing historic traffic count data to find out where traffic counts have been performed, what dates they were performed, and view detailed data about each count.  There is a wide variety of GIS data available and, as a direct result, there are a number of custom applications that can be created that will aid in the decision-making process.

With MRMapper there will be no need for you to purchase or install expensive software.  There is no need on your part for dedicated GIS staff to create, edit, manipulate and manage spatial data.  Our highly trained staff will be able to handle all of your mapping needs.  This data can be centrally stored and managed off-site, reducing internal server storage needs which is important in order to maximize efficiency (minimize redundancy) of data collection, while making the data available to all departments.